Friday, November 5, 2010

Faithful Clock Keeps on Ticking

No matter what you did to a Timex watch, it seemed to keep on running. Some of you may even remember those "torture" test commercials ("Timex - it takes a licking and keeps on ticking"). Delighted TV viewers would watch their flickering screen in amazement as the iconic clock survived the high diver's leap into water, the hoof of a galloping horse, or a propeller blade in the water.

Keeping Time

Maybe it hasn't been quite so dramatic in Beaumont when it comes to keeping track of the hour. But we've all heard the famous expression, "Time stands still for no one." Perhaps it's never been truer than for the old clock in the heart of our city. For nearly a half century, we've driven right by it, glanced up, noted the hour and most likely just kept going about our business.

But in our hustle-bustle lives, do we ever take the time to wonder about that old clock and its significance? Or those big, black hands with tiny arrows that precisely count the minutes and hours of our lives?

Sure, we know that many small towns across America have a tall clock somewhere in the city square. But our clock near the steps of the Civic Center has it's own story, one that deserves telling.

Clock Details

Here's what the Beaumont Blogger knows about the clock that has stood sentry-like for decades.

Nearly a half century ago, the local Soroptimist Club embraced the idea of creating a community clock for Beaumont. On December 23, 1963, dedication ceremonies were held at Beaumont Avenue and Sixth Street - the clock's original location. Over the years, the clock became a fixture. When a car knocked the clock over, people rallied around. They had it meticulously restored and moved to City Hall, where rededication ceremonies were held October 2, 1998.

Today, the face of the clock stares out at passing traffic along the main drag through town. As the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years tick by, the clock remains a steadfast symbol of Beaumont's timeless small-town spirit.